Theme License Clarification

Updated on October 15, 2018

Artbees is an exclusive Envato author, so the Jupiter theme license follows the Standard licenses. The only point is Jupiter has become GPL licensed and Extended license is not available now.

In this article, we explain the Regular license for the Jupiter theme.

Theme license - ThemeForest standard licenses

Regular License

Almost all users need to buy this type of license for use on a single domain. You can read more about the Regular License on the ThemeForest website.

License Registration in the Artbees Portal

Upon theme purchase from ThemeForest, you’ll receive a license key. Use the key to generate an API key for theme registration in the Artbees portal.

Artbees API allows you to register your theme only on a single domain (including subdomains and subfolders).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my API key in the subdomains of my registered domain?

Yes, it works on all subdomains.

Can I use the API key on localhost?

Yes, it works there, too.

Can I use the API key in staging environment?

Yes, you can register the theme in a staging environment, and then revoke the API key and register with a new generated API key on your new domain.

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