Theme Registration Issues

Updated on November 22, 2022

We already showed you how to register the Jupiter theme in the article How to register theme, but sometimes you may encounter some errors. Don’t worry, they can be fixed.

In this article we’ll describe what errors may occur during registration and how to fix them

Connection Error

Since introducing the Register product feature to our themes, there have been a few very rare cases (8 failures out of over 700 successful registrations). This bug is not directly related to WordPress or the theme itself. If you’re wondering what goes wrong read the steps below:

  • The theme does not connect to our site by itself. It asks WordPress to do it by calling the standard WordPress function wp_remote_post().
  • WordPress also does not connect to our API site by itself when asked. It asks the PHP to do it by calling the standard php curl_exec() function.
  • The PHP also does not connect to our site by itself when asked. It asks the system binary library that is installed on the server, called “cURL”, to do it.
  • That library is the one that connects to our site. It generates the “Connection timed out after 5000 milliseconds” error and passes it to the PHP, which passes it to WordPress, which passes it to the theme.
  • Only your hosting provider can answer why the library generates the error and in turn resolve the problem.

Please contact your hosting service provider regarding the connection error and ask them to install modules with the proper settings listed below:

  • is not blocked (IP :
  • allow_url_fopen is on
  • cURL support is enabled
  • OpenSSL support is enabled

Other Issues

If you face any other issues while registering Jupiter, open a ticket in our help desk.

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