How to translate custom post type slugs using WPML

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To translate custom post type slugs using WPML plugin you need to follow steps below:

WPML Custom Post Type Slugs

Go to Translation options menu item.  

Go to Main Dashboard Menu > WPML > Translation options

Enable Custom Posts Slug Translation Options.  

Locate the Custom Posts Slug Translation Options checkbox and enable it.

Find Custom Post Type.  

Locate the Custom Post Type you want to translate the slug of, on the same page. For exmple: Portfolios

Enable Different Slugs Option.  

Enable the Use Different slugs in different langiages for the custom post type option. In our case portfolios.

Add Translation.  

Input boxes will appear to enter slug for each language for the custom post type.

Save Options.  

Click on save options and you’re done.

Translating Custom Post Type Slugs is a feature which is part of WPML plugin and not Jupiter theme. Our developers followed the instructions WPML developers gave them. The procedure is done n the theme code and the rest is handled by the plugin itself. That is why we encourage our customers to follow up their questions with Plugin Developers. Our support staff also will do their best to give correct instruction about translating custom post type slugs. For opening up a support ticket you will need to go to and sign in, then access this url to open up a ticket for support.

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