Translated strings are not visible on front-end

Updated on May 14, 2019

Some strings are translated in PoEdit, but they are not loading

When translating the Jupiter X theme to your language, you may encounter some issues like words can’t be translated or the translation is not working after the theme update.

Be sure that they are not Fuzzy. A Fuzzy string means that it needs to be checked. The translator was probably not sure of it’s translation, so it marked the word(s) as Fuzzy to let others confirm that the translation is correct before using it or the original text was changed in the theme update.

To fix it, you need uncheck Fuzzy selection. On PoEdit for Mac, disable Needs Workoption:

On Windows/Linux, click this Fuzzy icon:

Click on it for each string which is marked as Fuzzy and save the changes.

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