Translating with the Poedit Software

Updated on December 31, 2018

Theme translation is the process of translating texts from one language into another. Since Jupiter does not provide files in languages other than English, many users look for ways to translate their theme into their own language. There are a lot of ways to translate a theme but this article will explain how to translate with the Poedit software.

Contrary to other translation methods using plugins, this method requires the Poedit software, a handy computer software that is used for the translation of language files.

Changing the Default Language

To set the default language of WordPress:

1From the WordPress left menu, go to Settings > General.
2Change the Site Language field to your target language.
3Click on Save Changes.

Installing the Poedit Software

To install the Poedit software:

1Go to the official Poedit website.
2The Poedit software is available for different platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Unix / Linux. Click on the Download button that fits with your operating system. The download will start automatically.
3Select “I agree with these terms” and click on Next. Run the setup and finish the installation.

Finding and Configuring the Translation File

To find the translation file of your website:

1Install a child theme.
2Go to your-website-index/wp-content/themes/jupiter and copy and paste the /languages folder into the your-website-index/wp-content/themes/jupiter-child folder. So your new language file will be your-website-index/wp-content/themes/jupiter-child/languages

Translating the Theme

To translate the theme:

1Open the Poedit software.
2Open up the PO file that you copied into your child theme under the languages folder by going to the Files > Open menu. Alternatively, you can use the Control + O shortcut keys for Windows and Command + O for Mac.
3Go to Files > Save As to name it according to your target language and click on Save.

For example, in case of you want to create a translation file for Spanish (Argentina), name your file as es_AR . The language file extension (.po) will be added automatically.

4Select the line that you want to translate. Alternatively, find the text by going to Edit > Find or use the Control + F shortcut keys for Windows and Command + F for Mac.
5Write the translated text below the field.
6 Go to Files > Save.

Uploading the Translation Files

To move your translated files into your website language folder:

1Access your website index via the (S)FTP software by entering your (S)FTP login credentials. If your website is on a localhost, skip this step.
2Go to your-website-index/wp-content/themes/jupiter-child/languages folder and paste your translated files that have the .PO and .MO extensions. Click Yes to override the existing language files if necessary.
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