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When translating the Jupiter theme to your language, you may encounter some issues like words that can’t be translated or the translation not working after the theme update. In this article we’ll describe some translation issues and how to fix them.

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Translation Stopped Working After Theme Update

If you are using the Loco Translate plugin and you noticed some translations are not working as expected, click on the Sync button on the translation edit screen. This option will sync the old translations with the new translations.

Translation Is Not Loading/Working

Usually this means that you forgot to save the translated file, or that it’s in the wrong path. Usually plugins and themes search for translations in the folder /languages or /i18n inside their root, but this may change. To locate Jupiter translation files correctly, read the article How to translate theme.

Some Strings Are Translated in Loco Translate, But They Are Not Loading

Be sure that they are not Fuzzy. A Fuzzy string means that it needs to be checked. The translator was probably not sure of it’s translation, so it marked the word(s) as Fuzzy to let others confirm that the translation is correct before using it.

Other Issues

If none of the above steps helped, please open a ticket in our help desk.

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