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The Updates section in the Jupiter Control Panel lets you automatically update the theme in one-click. It also lets you downgrade the theme, which is explained in this article.

Note: This method of updating the theme is available only from Jupiter version 5.1.

Updating the Theme

Note: Make sure to register your theme before proceeding.

To update the theme:

From WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter > Control Panel.

Updating Jupiter - Control panel menu

In the control panel, click on Theme Updates and then Update. Be patient until the update process is done. In some web hosts, it may take several minutes.

Updating Jupiter - Control panel

Note: If for any reason you do not see the notification, from the WordPress left menu go to Dashboard > Updates and click on Check Again button and check back.

Downgrading the Theme

To downgrade the theme:

From the WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter > Control Panel > Updates.

downgrading jupiter theme

Find the version number to which you wish to downgrade the theme and click on the Downgrade button.

downgrading jupiter theme

A new notification pop-up window will appear, click on the Agree button.

downgrading jupiter theme

Beware! By clicking on the Agree button, any customization you have made to theme files will be lost.
Wait for the downgrade process to finish.
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