Updating Bundled Plugins

Updated on July 17, 2019

Note: Before updating the plugins, you need to update your theme. After updating the theme, updates for your plugins will be available.

Bundled plugins are included in the Jupiter X theme as well as their updates. These plugins must be updated through the Appearance -> Install Plugins section.

Note: Make sure to install Jupiter X Core plugin at first after theme activation in Appearance > Jupiter X > Plugins.

1. From the WordPress left menu, go to Appearance.

2. From the control panel, click on Install Plugins.

3. If an update is available, you will see the Update button below the plugin. Click on it.

5. After a few seconds, you should be presented with the message of successful update. Click on the Back button and see the plugin is updated.

Note: Also two plugins: Raven and Jupiter X Core, can be updated via WordPress Updates page like you do for any 3rd-party plugin.

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