Updating Jupiter X theme automatically

Updated on December 30, 2019

Note: Make sure to install Jupiter X Core plugin at first after theme activation in Appearance > Jupiter X > Plugins.

Make sure to register your theme before proceeding.

1. From the WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter X > Updates.

2. Next to the latest theme version, click on the Update button.

3. You will see a message like this:

Any customization you have made to the theme files will be lost.

By agreeing with the above term, you will lose the code customizations you’ve made directly on your parent theme files. It doesn’t mean you will lose any data or customization settings on the theme on the pages, it’s all about codes. Since the theme package contains codes and updating the package will override the old codes, it’s logical to lose the code modifications you have made on the theme files. In order to prevent code modification loss, it’s recommended to use Child themes.

4. Be patient until the update process is done. In some web hosts, it may take several minutes.

Note: If for any reason you do not see the notification, from the WordPress left menu go to Dashboard > Updates and click on Check Again button and check back.
If you have any issues updating the theme automatically, you can use the FTP method, that is described in this article.

In case you faced the error “Api key and domain is not matching” it means that your API key is not matching your domain name in Artbees Portal. If you revoke your API Key once and re-register the theme with the new API key, you won’t face this error anymore. Here you can find how to revoke your API key.

Note: After updating the theme, it is highly recommended to update the bundled plugins. To learn how, check out this article.

In case the automatic update didn’t work for any reason, it might have below possible reasons:

  • Server cache settings which cause the old package return from the server tmp folder. In this case, it’s better not to waste time and update manually.
  • The server has a proxy which denies access to Artbees Servers. Ensure Artbees IP is white listed in your server. Here is the IP address
  • Trying to update on a multi-site network while you are just a node and doesn’t have the administrator permission.
  • The file/folder permission issue.
  • Firewall which blocks access to Artbees Servers. Ensure Artbees IP is white listed in your server. Here is the IP address
  • Plugin conflict. Try deactivating all the plugins and then try updating.
  • Missing Remote Get function or cURL package for PHP. In this case, contact your service provider.
  • One of the server requirements are not provided correctly in Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> System Status.

NOTE: If you are using an old version of Jupiter X where you had to use Jupiter X Pro (versions below 1.7) you will notice an error after the update. After Jupiter X 1.7 the Jupiter X Pro plugin is no longer needed, so you would need to remove it from your plugins page, otherwise, it may cause some conflicts.

The alternative is to update the theme semi-automatically using the WordPress Dashboard or manually using the FTP.

Downgrading Jupiter X

Downgrading Jupiter X theme is also the same as upgrading. You can see the downgrade button in the update panel in Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> Updates.

By clicking on Downgrade Theme, you will downgrade the theme to the desired version. Please note that if you are downgrading the theme to a very old version, you would need to downgrade the bundled plugins as well. While the previous package for the bundled plugins is not provided, it may be risky to downgrade the theme alone. So, you may do it only in case it was needed.

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