Upgrading Jupiter Theme to V6

Updated on May 29, 2022

In this article you will learn how to migrate to Jupiter v6, taking into account all of the changes that need closer inspection. We anticipate the migration process to be smooth and it will be just like another theme update

Please note that if you are upgrading from Jupiter 4.x or older versions you need to rebuild the pages and theme options from scratch. In these scenarios, the best thing you can do is to use a staging website, update the theme and contents and when the upgrade was done, migrate the staging website to the live one.

Jupiter V6 Server Requirements

Before upgrading to V6 make sure your server complies with the WordPress environment requirements. We have been using some OOP techniques and standards that are not present in the php legacy versions (e.g. v5.2.X, v5.3.X). The minimum required version is PHP v5.6+. More information can found in the article Checking Server Requirements.

Recommended Hosting Solutions

We provide Jupiter 6 to Jupiter X migration service under Content Management service in WPDone.

The following hosting services offer maximum compatibility with Jupiter and provide exclusive discounts to Artbees Themes users:

Kinsta WordPress Hosting
InMotion > Up to 50% Discount
WPEngine > 20% Discount
DigitalOcean > $10 Discount
MediaTemple > 2 Months free on Annual Plan

Upgrading Jupiter Theme

Migration from Jupiter V4.X to Jupiter V6 will not be possible through the Envato Toolkit, so you should update it manually using either Appearance > Themes > Install Theme or via FTP.

These methods are described in the separate article Updating Theme and Child Theme. Please refer to these paragraphs only:

Choose one of the methods that suits you best.

Updating from Jupiter v5.X to Jupiter V6 is simple, from the WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter > Control Panel > Update and automatically update the theme from there. This method is also explained in this article.

Since Jupiter 6.5.x, the theme requires the Jupiter Core and Jupiter Donut plugins to be installed and activated. You will be prompted to use one-click installation when upgrading the theme for the first time. Your website will not look as it did before the upgrade if these plugins are not being activated. 

WPBakery Page Builder

Visual Composer name is now changed to WPBakery Page Builder. Once you’ve updated to Jupiter V6, you can update the WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Clearing the Theme Cache

In Jupiter V6, we store theme option-generated styles and used component assets (Javascript and Styles) into single CSS and JS files. These changes to the theme decrease the page loading time. We collect the features that are being used in a website into a database and keep track of them while you use the site. However in some cases you may need to click on the Clear Theme Cache button. This link appears in the WP header toolbar and you need to be logged in as an administrator to see it. This button will flush all stored data as well as static files. Each page visit will start to shape the content and generate the static files based on your usage. This feature is still in its beta stage, so if you encounter any issues please report them to the Artbees Helpdesk.

New Features

Jupiter V6 introduces three new main features:

WPBakery Page Builder Frontend Editor

Edit and fine tune your website with our new Frontend Editor and see immediately how it looks in real time. To learn more about the frontend editor, check out this article.

Header Builder

Header builder is a new feature introduced to Jupiter V6 which lets you create and modify your website header using a visual drag & drop editor. To learn more about the header builder, check out this article.

Shop Customizer

The shop customizer is a new feature in Jupiter V6 which lets you customize the product list, product page and checkout & cart pages. To learn more about the shop customizer, check out this article.

Start a Tour Page Option Update

The “Start a Tour” module located in the header will need to be checked for option modifications. If you compare the screenshots below, you’ll notice that previously you would choose from options to select a link. However, in V5 and V6 you will need to paste a URL into the text field.

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