What is Raven

Updated on September 8, 2021

Since Jupiter X 1.21.0, the Raven plugin is merged with the Jupiter X Core plugin. So, all the features are available without installing the Raven plugin. By using the Jupiter X Core plugin, you will have all the Raven features. The documents related to the Raven plugin will be updated accordingly. Release Notes
If your Jupiter X version is greater than 1.21, please deactivate and remove Raven plugin from your website.

Raven (now is part of Jupiter X Core plugin) is a custom developed add-on for Elementor which is adding new useful elements and features to it. So far, we have added 21 custom elements to Raven, and each one can be checked here:

The Raven elements are:

Also, it will add the Custom Header and Footer template features to your Elementor (basic edition). So by enabling Raven plugin, you won’t need to provide an Elementor Pro license to be able to use Custom Header and Footer templates. 

The Raven plugin is bundled and required for Jupiter X. It can be installed via Jupiter X control panel as described here.

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