What Will Happen When I Switch From Jupiter to Jupiter X

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When you’re going to switch your Jupiter 6.x to Jupiter X theme, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

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Before Switching to Jupiter X

It is extremely important that you create a complete WordPress backup before switching to Jupiter X. You may use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to completely backup your WordPress website.

Also, make sure to read this article before switching to Jupiter X.

Things That Will Not be Affected by a Switch

  • Your WordPress posts and pages will be unaffected by the switch to Jupiter X. However, depending on if you wish to switch to Elementor page builder from the WPBakery Page Builder, it will require manual rebuilding of your pages content in the Elementor.
  • All your media uploads will be unaffected by the Jupiter X switch. However, you may need to regenerate image sizes after switching to Jupiter X.
  • The default WordPress settings located under Settings menu will also remain unaffected.

Page Content (shortcodes)

The shortcodes that you used with WPBakery Page Builder, will be still available and you will be able to keep using Visual Composer editor for old pages.

You can create new pages either with WPBakery Page Builder or Elementor editor, but if you want to move all your old pages to Elementor, you’ll have to create new pages and build new content from scratch using Elementor editor.

Theme Options

Theme Options panel is removed in Jupiter X. From now on you can style the header, footer, sidebar, fonts, etc. via Appearance > Customize. What’s great, is that you can view the changes on front-end while modifying the settings in Customizer.

Also you’ll be able to create templates for 404 page, Search and Maintenance pages and set them in the settings.

Post Types

The post types (Portfolio, Employees, Edge Slider, Clients, etc.) are no longer present in Jupiter X theme, except of Portfolio post type.

They are not needed any more as Elementor provides much more opportunities and you can create any content with it.


Also most of the widgets from Jupiter 6.x were removed in Jupiter X theme. There are only two Jupiter widgets:

  • Jupiter – Social Networks
  • Jupiter – Posts

As in the previous theme, Social Networks widget adds social network icons on your site and Posts widget gives you possibility to show posts from Blog or Portfolio post types and you can choose a category to specify which posts to load.


In Jupiter 6.x theme when you wanted to install a template via Jupiter Control Panel, you got the template pages created with WPBakery Page Builder.

In Jupiter X theme it was changed as the main builder is Elementor now.

So the templates in Jupiter X Control Panel will be imported with Elementor items and you won’t be able to use the templates with WPBakery Page Builder.


If you have any questions regarding Jupiter X, feel free to contact our support help desk.

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