Why is the logo lost when activating a child theme?

Updated on February 20, 2020

Why is customization settings back to the default after activating a child theme?

A child theme inherits all features, functionality, and styling from another theme, which is called the parent theme. If you want to change or modify the existing theme, it’s better to use a child theme.  

You may have noticed that by activating a child theme, the website logo and other settings get back to the default.
That’s because the Jupiter X saves parent and child theme settings differently, so when activating a child theme, you must customize and re-configure your theme (including logo).

An alternative would be to install Customizer Export/Import plugin from Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> Plugins and then export the customizer settings while the parent theme is active and then switch to the Child theme and import the settings you just exported. This way you can migrate all of the parent theme customizations to your child theme.

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