Why should I keep my active plugins at minimum?

Updated on July 8, 2019

WordPress is a pluggable CMS. Means that using plugins you can extend its features and provide a flexible customizable website. But like any other software, as it grows, it requires more resources.

WordPress plugins are created by different authors. Each one has it’s own advantages and require a certain amount of resources. As you activate a new plugin, you need to provide more resources on your web host to keep your website running flawlessly. 

Otherwise if you don’t pay attention to your website server requirements you may face issues like blank screen of death or fatal errors such as “Allowed Memory Size Of …  Bytes Exhausted” or even realize that your website is not working without any error. So, it’s important to either keep your active plugins at minimum or increase the server resources such as Memory Limit to a higher value. 

As an example, some users are facing a blank screen of death as soon as they enable most of their bundled plugins with Jupiter X. In almost all of the occurrences, the issue is related to web host memory limit. Yes, the Jupiter X, Elementor, Raven and Jet Elements plugins are working fine with 128MB of memory as mentioned here, but when you activate more plugins, you should make sure to increase your memory limitation by the help of your web host. Otherwise, you need to deactivate unused plugins to resolve issues like this. 

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