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WPML introduces a new translation mode called display as translated compatible with Jupiter and invaluable for developers using Jupiter demos.

Note: Particularly useful for the websites with a lot of contents such as WooCommerce or listings and portfolio sites.

About the display as translated feature:

  • Users can show original content if no translation is available.
  • Users can display untranslated content without the need to duplicate it anymore.
  • Useful for sites that don’t need to translate everything: listing, directory and membership sites as well as WooCommerce products and taxonomies.


Let’s say we have a WooCommerce site and we don’t want to translate all the products.
Thanks to this new mode, we can have our page translated to English but still containing some content in French without duplicating it:

Note: If the translation exists = it will display the translation.
If the translation does not exist = it will display the post in the site default language.

Enabling the new translation mode for the post types of your choice

From the WordPress left menu, go to WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup.
Scroll down to Post Types Translation.
Select Translatable – use translation if available or fallback to original language option for the post types of your choice.

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