How can I verify my API Key?

Updated on July 24, 2017

After you enter your Purchase Code in dashboard you will have the API Key at hand. Now you need to go to your WordPress installation and follow the steps below.

1Go to your dashboard and write down the API key.  

Register Theme Add Not Active

2Go to Your WordPress Installation.  

Now go to your WordPress Installation in which you have already installed Jupiter or The Ken.

3Go to Register Product Menu.  

For Jupiter: Go to Main Dashboard Jupiter > Control Panel > Register Product.

For The Ken: Go to Main Dashboard Menu > Register Product.

Registerin the theme - Jupiter control panel menu


Register Theme Dashboard Product The Ken

4Add your API Key on the Register Page.  

You will see an input box section in Register Product page, into which you need to add your API Key which you obtained in step 1. Then click on the Register button.

Register Theme Dashboard Api Key

5Registration success.  

If everything is correct, you will see a message that your API key is verified.

Register Theme Dashboard Register


At this stage you successfully registered your theme with Artbees, and you can double-check that by going to the dashboard menu of, and in the Register Product page you should see the Status your API Key as Active. You should also see your installation domain.

Register Theme Artbees Active

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