Why is my API key inactive?

Updated on May 1, 2019

After you get your Artbees API Key by entering your Purchase Code into the dashboard Product Registration section, you also need to add the API Key into your WordPress installation.

The Licence key will be activated once you enter it in the Product Registration section in your WordPress backend.

Common issues

Registration failed because of a cURL issue.

Please make sure the cURL extension is installed and activated on your web server. It can be checked through Jupiter > Control Panel > System Status or by contacting your web host support.

Your API key could not be verified. Another site is already verified with this API key.

Please make sure you are not using one of the in-use API keys in your Artbees Dashboard. If the issue persists, please open a ticket in the support desk.

Your API key could not be verified. There is no such API key.

Make sure you copy pasted the whole API Key. Sometimes this issue happens because using the Purchase Key instead of the API Key while registering the theme in the WordPress Backend. Please note that you need to generate the API key using your Purchase key.

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