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  • Christian Borau Ponsa

    To introduce you in the question; I made a migration from a old web ti this server, and I will make it all in Elementor mode.
    To make new pages, like the home I made with out problems, and all in Elementor, but with new imported material.

    Bet the problem comes when I will construct a new page. but pre made, like “Blog” for example, with a lot of posts, with elementor.

    WP says me a message, Its in the attachment file.

    ¿how can I convert the old content to elementor edition mode??

    Thanks you a lot

    Nodari Support Team

    Hello Christian

    Unfortunately, I don’t have url of your website to check the problem, but sounds like you are trying to edit a page that is assigned as a blog page from Settings > reading? please consider, when you assign a page as a default blog page here you will be not able to edit it by Elementor

    If this is not the case please provide access details and I will check your problem

    Christian Borau Ponsa

    the URL is  http://s823503381.mialojamiento.es


    Nodari Support Team

    Good morning Christian

    I just edited it without any problem, here your blog page: http://s823503381.mialojamiento.es/news/ I added text and post element on the page, I also tried the homepage and several other pages but Elementor is working normally

    Did I miss something?

    Christian Borau Ponsa


    I can’t work on the NEWS page with Elementor.

    It says me this all the time: LOOCK THE ATACHMENT FILE PLEASE


    Tatyana Hutsol Support Team



    I was able to open the Elementor editor for the News page.

    As for the Blog page, you need remove it in Settings > Reading > Posts page https://take.ms/l2ZTD . Then you’ll be able to edit it in Elementor and add custom content.


    Thank you.


    Christian Borau Ponsa

    I made what you say and nothing; is say me the same:

    loock atachmanet

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Strangely, the Default Posts Page was still this News page, I unset it here https://prnt.sc/uja718

    Now the Page edit is working see https://prnt.sc/uja7jb


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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