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  • Tim Simic


    I have setup a gallery here http://www.greenlightcreative.com/new2020/?page_id=1452 and I’m having an issue with it on mobile.

    When you click on a sample and swipe to see the next one, it works fine. If you use the arrow buttons to go to the next sample, a vertical blue line appears for a little and then disappears. How can I get the blue line to not appear when clicking the arrow?

    Thank you!

    Nodari Support Team

    Good morning Tim

    Sorry, but for an unknown reason, I was not able to find the blue line on my side, probably im not doing the same, can you please provide a screenshot or screen record?

    Pretty sure we can hide it by custom css

    Tim Simic
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    Tatyana Hutsol Support Team



    Please try this code in Jupiter X > Customize > Additional CSS:

    .elementor-lightbox .elementor-swiper-button:focus {
    outline-width: 0 !important;

    Looking forward to your reply.


    Tim Simic

    Hi. I’m still seeing the blue lines on Apple devices for mobile when clicking on the arrows on the sample page. Is there anyway to fix this?

    Nodari Support Team

    Hi time

    The line is not appearing on my side, can you please clear the cache? I also verified it and CSS is working well

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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