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  • Jay Arendall

    I am trying to get certain images on my site (by way of custom CSS or using image widget like i am now) to have a border on left and top but only a certain pixel in height (for left side) and width (for top border)  Please see screenshot for what I am referring to.

    Here is the page I am referring to:  http://heritagehomes1.wpengine.com/deluxe-package-features-alabama/

    See the first one STANDARD 8′ CIELINGS;  then refer to my screenshot.



    Nodari Support Team

    Hello Jay

    No, border rule will not work in this case, please remove it and add this code instead:

    .elementor-image .wp-caption:before {
        content: "";
        width: 75%;
        height: 75%;
        background: #1C75BC;
        position: absolute;
        top: -15px;
        left: -15px;
        display: revert;

    Let me know how it worked 🙂

    Jay Arendall

    That works ok.  But 2 issues….

    See screenshot for reference

    1.  The blue covers the photo.
    2. When in different responsive devices/widths, that border it itself stretches out.  Same thing below it where I have the shadow.  Why does it do that?  Shouldnt the border and/or shadow be around the image itself?
    Nodari Support Team

    Hello Jay

    Well, this can be also fixed by let’s try something easier 🙂

    Try this code:

    .wp-caption img {
        -webkit-box-shadow: -40px -42px 0px -15px #1C75BC;
        -moz-box-shadow: -40px -42px 0px -15px #1C75BC;
        box-shadow: -40px -42px 0px -15px #1C75BC;
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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