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    Hi there,


    I need help with 2 things. First one is breadcrumbs. in my page there is breadcrumb at the beginning   ”http://www.hizmetler.yahyamert.com/cozumler/” it says ”home/cozumler” I want to change ”home” but I couldn’t do it.

    And the second one is I want to use jet pop-ups but when I try to get plugin they want activation from me.


    Thank you for your helps.




    Hey, could you help me 🙂


    Hey there, sorry for the delay

    One of the methods to change the words that you can not find a place to modify is to translate them to the same language. To do that, I recommend you to use Loco Translate and translate the word “Home” in either the theme or Raven plugin. In case you are using the BreadCrumbs widget in a custom title bar template, you need to translate the Raven and find the “Home” word in it, otherwise, you should look for it in the Jupiter X theme. Here is a tutorial and example of changing the word “Home” in Raven. The same method can be used when you are not using the custom title bar templates or BreadCrumbs widget if you translate the Jupiter X theme instead of Raven:


    Hope it helps 🙂

    Best Regards


    Hey there,

    Thank you. I think I understood how to do it.


    Could you please help me with my second question 🙂

    I know I asked too much.


    Hey there

    My bad, I missed it from your question 🙂
    JetPopup is third party premium plugin we included for free in the theme, you can use this plugin free of cost but their templates needs activated plugin, which is not possible without activation key, unfortunately, when theme authors include the premium plugin in the theme its not possible to provide license keys for such products, that’s why the plugin is asking for a license key, same applies for Slider revolution templates, you need to activate the product, however without templates, you may use a plugin for free

    best regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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