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  • Sammy Christian

    Hello, I’m having an issue with my navigation displaying a photo placeholder beneath the logo.  I’m using the latest version of Jupiter X and all plugins are up to date.  When I go Edit the Menu with Elementor, I can see the logo box that has been added is added and a distorted menu.  I temporarily change the logo to a secondary version, then back to primary and this box disappears.  When I go to update and view the page, it adds it back.  Please help!

    Sammy Christian

    Ok, looks like there are more broken things than just the navigation…

    Elementor is showing a totally different thing (on the right) than what is actually displaying (on the left).   Screenshot attached.  Things should be presenting like they are illustrated in Elementor, except for the broken menu.

    Nodari Support Team

    Hi Sammy

    Sorry about that, this is a known issue, and a fix is already included in the upcoming version of the theme, but before update simply use the Image widget in your header template instead of the Logo widget and it will solve your problem


    Sammy Christian

    Oh nooooo.

    Would reverting back to an older version of Jupiter X fix this while we wait for the theme update?  How can I get what I do in Elementor to display live?  How long till the update?

    Swapping the logo in as an image works, but I really need what I publish in Elementor to reflect what appears when live.

    Thanks for your time.

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi there

    No need to revert anything, the Site Logo widget has a Custom Logo Option upload your logo directly to it in the Elementor Template and it shall work correctly.


    Sammy Christian

    Amir, unfortunately this does not answer my question.  I have the logo sorted, but the changes I am making in Elementor when I am under the “Edit with Elementor” are not being reflected when I publish and go to view the site.  The cache has been cleared.  Example attached, of published Elementor viewpoint on the left, and live version on the right.  How do I get past this?  I am falling days behind.  : (

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team


    I’ve checked the mentioned page of your site in Elementor editor and in the front-end and both versions are the same:

    It might be a server-side cache.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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