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    I installed a template and later followed these instructions to install a child theme: link
    I didn’t really modify the theme but I did update my pages and posts. The issue is that all the posts I’ve published so far take me to the exact same post:


    If I activate the parent theme, this issue goes away and everything works normally. But the updates/changes I’ve done to my posts, pages, etc. so far aren’t available in the parent theme.
    How can I address this?

    Also, should I keep using the child theme or just revert back to the parent theme?
    I hope to eventually update css code in the future, so I think I should keep using the child theme.

    Thank you.

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team



    Please provide us with wp-admin and FTP (FTP host, FTP user, FTP password, FTP port) login details to your site in the private reply to check the issue.

    Thank you.



    anon-14a111e7 non
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    Nodari Support Team

    Hi anon

    Please check again, the problem is fixed, single post template (which was not a dynamic template) was set as a single blog template from Customize > Blog > Single post, I set it to default, and now everything works normally


    anon-14a111e7 non

    Thank you!

    Amir Rather Support Team

    You’re most welcome ūüôā

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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