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  • Janine de Jong


    I am having troubles with some of my pages on my website. I am trying to change them and give them a new design. Some of the pages have no troubles with loading elementor. However my contact page keeps showing an error from elementor. “Content area was not found in your page” I will provide credentials in the box below.  The help page of Elementor suggest that there is an error in the template that is being used on the page, however all pages on my site are using the default template. The error keeps recurring on the contact page. I can’t find the error, can you help me?

    • I have disabled all plugins except Elementor and the error is still here
    • Have the most recent version of elementor (allready had the error before the latest release)
    • Checked the FTP for the default template php code to add a line. Can’t find it.

    Thanks in advance!


    Nodari Support Team

    Hey there

    There is a conflict with the slug of the page, if you change your page slug from “contact” to anything else page builder will load normally, If you are already using the same slug name elsewhere, such as a post category or product category, and then assign the same name to a page, the permalink confusion can cause this error to occur. For example, if you have a category with a slug of “sports”, do not use “sports” as the slug for your page. Name your new page something else, and the problem will be resolved.


    Janine de Jong

    Thanks for your quick reply! I had an blog article on my page with the same slug. Totally forgot about that page.


    Tatyana Hutsol Support Team



    You’re welcome.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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