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    Im working on an e-commerce site using Jupiter x.

    I want to create a bespoke product page, which is something ive done in the passed using jet woo builder.

    I have created a jet woo builder template for my product range, called ‘Product Page 23’
    which you can see here : https://dev.digbylitten.co.uk/?jet-woo-builder=product-page-23

    When applied to an actual product, for instance this – https://dev.digbylitten.co.uk/product/abduco-white-jacket/

    Its not using my header template, it has a page title and isnt using the footer template either
    despite me setting these as default on the ‘Product Page 23’ jet woo template.

    On this product I have the jet woo template set to ‘Product Page 23’

    How do I make my product range use the template fully and ignore the page title etc?


    Hey there

    Howard, you need to utilize layout builder, for example now I set display conditions for a header for Woocommerce shop and its displayed, you need to do the same for footer, you also need to remove page title from Appearance > Customize > Page title


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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