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  • Ar Shahheydari

    Hello. I use the Jupiter X template on my site. I used to use the Jupiter template. Now I have trouble displaying the slider on the front page of the site. It was no longer displayed without making any changes

    Nodari Support Team

    Hey there

    You have 44 active plugins right now, can you please deactivate all third party plugins and check again? I see some JS error in the console, they might be caused by third-party plugins, please deactivate them and let me know if you see slider again 🙂


    Ar Shahheydari

    These plugins are the required plugins for the template and the site. Disable all together?

    Tatyana Hutsol Support Team



    Please keep all Jet plugins enabled as well as Elementor, Jupiter Donut, Jupiter X Core, your slider plugin and Woocommerce. Disable all other plugins.

    Let us know the result.


    Ar Shahheydari

    I used to use the Jupiter template and changed the template to Jupiter X template. My previous pages have been configured with Visual Composer, which does not work properly on Juiper X. Mentor also needs a license to meet my needs, which I have already purchased for Visual Composer. What should I do about this?

    Danish Iqbal Support Team

    Hello Ar Shahheydari,


    1 – I checked your homepage but I see that you have not added any slider element to the page using the WPBakery page builder (formerly Visual Composer). Try adding the Slider Revolution element to the page and then see if the slider works.


    2 – Why exactly did you switch to Jupiter X if you were using Jupiter 6.


    3 – The WPBakery works fine with Jupiter X too because we made it independent of the theme by releasing a new plugin called Jupiter Donut. WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer) ships free with the theme and does not require any extra license.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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