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  • Davide Bardini

    Hi guys.
    I’ve came back to work on this site after one year.
    Elementor is less problematic then the first version but still have some problems.

    1. I don’t understand why sometimes the header on some page stop to work correctly.
    Today I’ve opened the page: https://www.thehiddentreasures.tours/booking-yoga-retreats-in-italy/ and, as you can see, the header doesn’t work correctly.
    Try to see the other on other pages and you will understand.
    Some problems also in the pages: https://www.thehiddentreasures.tours/relaxing-yoga-and-sound-retreat-for-beginners-italy/ (white space over the header and red icons for telephone and email in the header)

    2. In the pages (mobile version):

    I can’t see the tour dates (scroll down untill “<span class=”elementor-divider-separator”><span class=”elementor-divider__text elementor-divider__element”>Yoga retreat dates</span></span>”) in mobile version even if it is checked.

    3. Stupid question. I don’t remember how to simply add a block inside a new section.
    Something doesn’t work in elementor when I try to create a new block of something inside. Where I have to click? It’s a stupid question but something wrong.

    Please reply me asap, I need to finish it as fast as possible.


    Nodari Support Team

    Hey there

    1. Since you have Overlap header enabled from Customizer > Header it appears normal on the homepage but not normal on pages like this, in this case, you need to disable the overlap header directly from the page editor, check this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/21yrz9c

    2. Please check again, those sections were set to be hidden on tablet and mobile screens: https://prnt.sc/21yss5r

    3. You need to click here to see the all widgets of the Elementor https://prnt.sc/21yt7sl

    Hope this helps ūüôā


    Davide Bardini

    Hi guys, unfortunately I see your screenshot bad, like this:

    Davide Bardini

    Hey guys, I’ve started to work on it right know after your assistence, but now all the header are wrong, and the menu is disappear also.
    Please help me, I haven’t touch it but it is worst then before the assistence.
    What happened? I have to finish the site in hours.
    Please help me asap.
    As I told, I can’t see your screenshot either.

    Davide Bardini

    I’m in panic

    Davide Bardini

    Guys, I don’t know what the hell is happened but entire pages editing are disappeared.
    The pages:
    https://www.thehiddentreasures.tours/booking-yoga-retreats-in-italy and

    they were pages almost ok, full of forms in 3 different versions, now all is disappeared and the page!!!!
    I didn’t touch it.
    I tried to charge a old version but also in it all is disappeared.
    It’s absurd! The site was ready to deliver on friday, now some pages started to work bad and some others have disappeared blocks.
    Please help me patiently

    Davide Bardini

    This is the last message (screenshot)

    Davide Bardini

    There is a revision by support made 6 hours ago, almost when the site started to go wrong.
    Could you tell me please something? I’m loosing a lot of money because of these problems.
    Even if I reload a revision from last friday in the pages :
    https://www.thehiddentreasures.tours/booking-yoga-retreats-in-italy/   and

    the content looked like erasered!!!!
    Here there were contact form ready to deliver to client!
    Please I’m in real troubles

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi there

    No need to panic,

    Firstly, I see that you’re using an older version of the Theme which can cause Incompatibility issues with WordPress.

    I suggest you update the Theme first, use one of these methods:



    Davide Bardini

    I didn’t updated it because updating I couldn’t use elementor correctly!

    Davide Bardini

    Ok, I’m going to update also because I need to have my two pages back asap!
    Please stay tuned with me. Thnx

    Amir Rather Support Team
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    Davide Bardini

    Hi, other problems.
    Same problems with elementor I’ve found last year.

    1. Sometimes when I have to save it says me that there is a: server error 500 and I can’t.

    2. Everything is good, then something happens and start to go wrong.
    Could you tell me why header setting changes all by itself?
    (I attach some printscreen, A2)

    3. Why sometimes svg icons change color and wrong space over the menu (img A1)?
    [The correct visualization must be the one in img. A3]

    4. How could I change the color and size of: mobile menu / submenu item text? (img A5)

    Thanx so much guys

    Nodari Support Team

    Hi there

    1. Elementor has a troubleshooting page for this error, please follow https://elementor.com/help/500-error/

    2. Make sure you are not changing the Customizer setting, the problem on your screenshot might be caused by Overlap header and header template changes. if this is happening constantly then we need to know more about it,

    3. very strange, this is what I have right now: https://prnt.sc/22fh57p

    4. From your header templates, choose menu element, and then from the style tab you will be able to change it

    Let me know if you have anything else


    Davide Bardini

    Please link me printscreeen in other ways!
    As I said, I can’t open your page (img A6)

    Davide Bardini

    2- No, I’m not changing customizer settings, it happens constantly but without my will.

    3- I can’t view your screenshots

    4- I can’t change color and size of mobile submenu only; please be more specific

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Davide,

    2 – For the Tour Booking page, you need to specify the page template to be “Full Width”. Please check my attached screenshot.

    3 – Sometimes if the SVG images contain their own CSS classes and CSS rules, they may overlap each other. In this case, you need to edit the SVG file via a text editor and change all the CSS classes to a unique name to avoid this issue. Currently, I don’t see the issue, but if you could provide with me a page that has the issue, I can investigate it.

    4 – You can change anything for the full-screen mobile menus (please check my screenshot) but you can’t specify the size or color only for the submenu items. If you want to change the submenu styling only, you need to do it via CSS. The below CSS will change the size and color of the submenu items in the full-screen menu:

    .raven-nav-menu-full-screen .raven-nav-menu li.menu-item .raven-submenu li.menu-item a.raven-link-item {
         font-size: 12px; color: beige;

    Hope it helps ūüôā

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