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    so i did what it says here :

    After updating Elementor to 3.4.x and higher, the widgets of Elementor may not appear due to a conflict with Raven plugin. You should keep Raven plugin deactivated because you no longer need it. The Raven plugin has been merged with Jupiter X Core plugin and keeping it active can cause further issues like this. In order to resolve this issue, remove Raven plugin and use Transient Manager plugin and remove all of your transients once.

    I eliminated transient that has expired, and now the elementor widgets work but the menus disappeared and when i try to remake them, the logo for example, does not show up. Or the item POSTS PAGINATION is not working…

    can you help me with this?




    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hello There

    I see the Theme is a very old version https://take.ms/WJel4 while the current version is v1.26.0

    I updated the Theme to the latest version, please check now.


    Lex van

    We had the same issue on all our client-sites. Thank you for sharing the solution.

    Amir Rather Support Team

    You’re most welcome Lex ūüôā


    ok, thanks! but i had updated it …with all the plugins…can you tell me in wich way you updated it? Thanks again.

    Amir Rather Support Team
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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