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    I seem to have made the mistake today of playing around with Elementor… and in the process ordered a few things that I can unfortunately no longer undo.

    I am in the Elementor menu on
    TEMPLATES/ KIT LIBARY and looked at a new template and accidentally clicked on APPLY KIT in the upper right corner…

    Now this new template appeared on my website with my content, but with a different display.

    Unfortunately I have not found a way to undo this…

    So I tried the manual way…

    And first in settings I set my self created start page as HOME page… then in the menu
    TEMPLATES/ THEME BUILDER again my Footer and Haeder…

    So far so good, the page appears again in the old design I created, BUT the fonts and colours are no longer in the original state… although, as far as the fonts are concerned, in the THEME STYLES menu TYPOGRAPHY the original fonts that I created are displayed by me… Saving again brought nothing… and also importing a saved file with the Customizer settings brought no change… also switching from the Child theme to the original theme and back brought nothing….

    Only now I could change something via the menu item ELEMENTOR / SETTINGS -> GENERAL… by checking the box “The selection deactivates the settings for standard fonts in Elementor and uses the fonts of the theme instead”. now the old font is back… (but I had never set this check mark before).

    What’s not so great is the hack at: “The selection disables the default colour settings in Elementor and uses the theme’s colour settings instead.” … wrong colours are still displayed.

    Please have a look, unfortunately I didn’t create a backup of the whole page… it’s a page that is not public yet.

    Thank you in advance for your support….

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Mottemax,

    If you imported a new kit, then it can be restored if you don’t change the old kit. Once you open the Elementor -> Templates page and click on “All” (You should click on All for sure to be able to see the Template Kits templates, otherwise you won’t see them) You will be able to see the “Default Kit” templates on the list. On your website, you had two template kits (that both exist on the page 3). They have an ID. (in your case, one of them was 820 and the other was 571). That’s what you will see when you inspect the page elements on the body CSS classes. (Check my screenshot)

    Now if you open this page:


    You will see a list of options in raw format and you will find the “elementor_active_kit” option among the fields. This is where you can change the default Kit. If you imported a new template kit, you can change it to the previous kit. In your case, it was set to 820. I changed it to 571 and then regenerated the assets on Elementor -> Tools. However, I see no changes on the colors and menus so I doubt that the issue was this.


    Another way to restore it is to find the active kit and restore it to a revision back to the day you didn’t apply any changes to your active kit. Please check my last screenshot. In your case, you need to edit the post with ID 820. Then choose the revisions and restore it back. Once you done this, you need to regenerate the Elementor assets through Elementor -> Tools.

    Hope it helps šŸ™‚


    Thank you very much… I was able to change everything…

    But the link with the Elementor options is not in the menu bar… right?! I might have thought I saw it there some time ago….

    You only enter it manually then, right?!

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team


    You are welcome šŸ™‚

    It’s the WordPress master Options panel, which is hidden. This page contains all the options for your WordPress site.




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