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    I have got a problem with sending an e-mail from your contact form.

    When I’m clicking on the submit button, the form getting gray and nothing happens.

    I also set up an SMTP account for sending e-mails and nothing.

    Could u help me with this?

    Danish Iqbal Support Team

    Hello there,


    The problem is happening because of the latest version of the Elementor which is version 3. The elementor guys have made some drastic changes to the new version which has triggered problems for a lot of themes and plugins depending upon it.


    I fixed the issue and below are the details how other people checking this topic can fix the issue:


    1 – Please roll back the Elementor to version 2.9.14 which is the previous stable version in Elementor -> Tools -> Version Control

    2 – Then, add a new random form on the page on which you have already added a form and update the page.

    3 – Check the page in the frontend and you will see that both the forms will work now.

    4 – Finally, without doing anything further, delete the random form that you added in step 2 and update the page.


    Note: Please do not upgrade the Elementor to version 3 for now as it’s buggy and not fully compatible with the theme and the other plugins.



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    Russell Clark
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    Danish Iqbal Support Team

    Hello Russell,


    The issue with the form recipient is altogether a different issue and not related to this.

    I will reply on your original topic, let’s continue there.



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