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    <span lang="en">General issues:
    I just lost the Jupiter child theme I was working on. It just disappeared from my theme list.
    When on the FTP server I modify the style.less, nothing happens.
    Besides, it seems that some things are broken because there are random reactions regarding some button, menus, etc.
    In short, is there a real guide?
    I'm not sure the usefulness of this theme anymore if I absolutely have to customize everything on my own ...</span>
    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

    1) How did it happen the Files can’t just vanish out of nowhere, this is strange, did you ask the hosting provides if they had any backup or something? What modifications are you putting into the style.css please specify those?

    2)  We need more information as to what is broken and where if possible with screenshots so we could help, also provide the site URL and login details (in a private reply)

    Best Regards


    I re-installed everything, I’m in a hurry. I don’t know what happened. I have no time to waste and hope this will not happen again.

    I installed the template: “Museum” for the construction base of the site but I realize that I cannot custom anything.

    – How to actually modify items outside of Elementor:
    For example, I want to modify the search bar, elementor or JupiterX is limited to 2/3 choices, I want to do it myself because I know how to do it but I am asked to go through the pro version of Elementor for custom CSS . The only option is to pay?

    Attached file: In my header I only want to put the logo on the left, a search logo (which unfolds to the left when you click on it), two language buttons (fr / en) and a button on the right “INVENTORY “(which leads to a page).

    When I add lines of code to the style.less file, nothing happens.

    Is it really possible to change the theme for some elements?

    – For the translation, I want the site to be in French at the base and that it be translated into English when the user wishes it.
    I am using Loco Translate which translates nothing of the theme, not a word. I have to do it manually, suggest polylang but there will be the same problem? Where are the two icons for the user to select the French / English language? Is it possible to configure the site so that it is in French when the user arrives on the site?

    – In the Museum template there are two “categories”: “Collections” and “Exhibitions” on the right menu pre-installed,
    is it possible to add another category eg: “Catalogs” to link the articles of a “Catalogs” page (that the last catalog is highlighted) on the home page on the same principle as for “Exhibitions “.

    Lots of outstanding questions. I’m sadly pressed for time and have a feeling that modifying your templates is going to be more tedious than starting from scratch.


    Tatyana Hutsol Support Team



    You can add those elements in the custom header template in the Elementor editor, no need for Elementor Pro for this.

    Did you create a custom header template?


    Loco Translate plugin is used only for one language. If you want to create a multilingual site, you need use either Polylang or WPML. Please check this article:


    As for the Catalogs, you can create it as a custom post type with JetEngine plugin (bundled in the theme):


    and show the posts with Listing Grid:


    If you still need assistance, please provide WP Dashboard credentials in the private reply.


    Thank you.


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    Amir Rather Support Team
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