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  • Gilbert Kossek


    i actually would have 2 Question regarding the same Website:

    1. Google Font Spartan: As you can see in the attached file. Jupiter is able to find the right Font from Google. But cannot activate it. I tried your solution using the Plugin “Use Any Font” but I got the problem that my “Header Builder” ignores the changes.

    2. The website is getting a design update but still have to be online until I’m done with the new layout. As I’m using the last backup on my Dev-Server to create the new layout. It happens to be that the licenz is used twice. Once on the remaining page and once on my Dev-Server. Will this cause me any Problems? Shall I revoke on the old page? Will everything keep running?
    As soon as I’m done with the design Update there will be only the single usage again!


    Thanks for your help
    Best regards


    Nodari Support Team

    Hi Gilbert

    1. If the font is not listed in the options panel you need to use a third party method as you mentioned “Use Any Font” is the best solution in this case, if you have any problem with this let me know what exactly and how can I replicate it, please also note, its a third party plugin and their support also can provide support.

    2. Actually you can same API key on your dev and production site, but the dev site must be a subdomain of the production site. Its also possible to use site without a API key, some features will be not available like updates and template installation but other parts will function normally, so, its not a problem in your case


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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