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  • Adam Bocik

    I’m having trouble configuring a checkbox smart filter titled, “Center Membership Type.” I want there to be three checkbox options: Center Member, Premier Accredited Center, and Higher Education Member.

    From the “Centers” custom post type, I have three custom true/false fields (ACF) called: has_center_membership__c, has_premier__c, and has_higher_education_membership__c

    I want the three true/false fields from the Centers custom post type to power the 3 checkboxes for the smart filter. I’m struggling to figure this out. Help?

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team


    Please take our apologies for the delay in response.

    Could you please describe with more details what exactly you want to achieve with the mentioned filter? Do you want to display the custom posts Centers when the appropriate membership type is selected? Please specify.

    Thank you.



    Adam Bocik

    Yes, there are three Membership Levels: Center Member, Premier Accredited Center Member, Higher Education Member.

    These membership levels are assigned on “Centers” custom post types as individual True/False fields.

    I need the “Center Membership Type” Smart Filter to filter the “Centers” custom post type Listing Grid on this page, https://dev.pathintl.org/find-a-program/ according to their Center Member, Premier Accredited Center Member, Higher Education Member true/false fields (has_center_membership__c, has premier__c, has_higher_education_membership__c).

    The membership type is displaying in the listing grid per post, so it should be easy to check if it’s working correctly.

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Adam,

    Please note that the Jet Engine questions are not supported by the Jupiter X support as we only bundled this plugin with the theme and did not produce this plugin.


    Anyway, after a lot of investigations, I realized that since you are using a “Switcher” field type to specify the “Center type” on your custom post type, it stores the data differently and since the data is different you need to act differently on the smart filter side. I duplicated the smart filter to have 3 center types and assigned only one query variable to each and then settled the value of 1 to each one and the issue is now resolved. You can check what I did now in your backend. Check the smart filter (3 smart filters with names “Center Membership Type” 1-3 and the way I added the value to them.

    Hope it helps 🙂


    I was going to suggest

    Adam Bocik

    Hi Mohsin Al-Rabieai,

    That was the only solution I had come to as well, to create 3 different smart filters. Thanks for giving that a try. Appreciate the assistance. All the best!

    Amir Rather Support Team

    You’re most welcome Adam 🙂

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