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  • john tumelty


    for some reason the homepage i have designed is not showing up

    can you help me get it to be live?

    instead i get this page with all this code on the page

    previous builder was WP BAKERY, yet i installed ELEMENTOR and redesigned a completely new homepage

    screen grab enclosed

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Unfortunately, migrating from the WPBakery page builder to Elementor requires recreation of the pages and it has to be done manually.
    These are two different Page Builders, the page created with WPB Page Builder won’t work with Elementor and vice versa.


    john tumelty

    i did recreate it manually !

    the new header shows up and new footer, the page itself ( redesigned in elementor from scratch is what snot showing up.

    can yo please take a look >? need to show client today

    Amir Rather Support Team

    The Home page seems correct here https://7d0c26fa67.nxcli.net/ https://take.ms/v4qfM

    john tumelty

    yes it renders fine when yo are logged into wordpress, however when i load it normally on another browser or on my phone  i get the code all over the homepage..

    john tumelty

    load the site normally (not as a WP EDITOR) without wp admin and see what i mean

    Amir Rather Support Team

    I see the same Home page in incognito mode while not logged in see my screenshot https://take.ms/ltQGF

    Try clearing the cache or incognito mode.

    john tumelty

    that did it ! thanks SO much !

    Amir Rather Support Team

    You welcome ūüôā

    john tumelty

    one last thing, if I May

    i built a new navigation called NEWNAV.mobile (screen grab enclosed)

    i have it set

    but the hamburger icon is not showing any menu items ?

    the LIBRARY page is set to blog archive template,

    can you show me how to get the nav icon to drop down the LIBRARY page ( links to archive template)

    Amir Rather Support Team
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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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