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  • Sam Bean

    When using testimonials, the space available vertically is set by the longest testimonial of all the testimonials chosen to display.

    In this vertical space, testimonials are displayed from the top down. So if you have one long testimonial, when it is displayed, it fits the space properly.

    HOWEVER, shorter testimonials hang from the top of the available space – and look stupid.

    Is there away to get the content of testimonials to CENTER VERTICALLY in the space? Keep the left and right arrows in the center with all the content vertically centered in between.

    Here is what it it doing. The last testimonial is the longest. https://www.msantiagogroup.com/testimonial-test/



    Mac Gyvercy Support Team


    As far as I see, it’s not possible by default but I can help you with custom CSS.

    1. Add vertical-align-testimonials class name to your Testimonials shortcode. https://prnt.sc/r7caoz
    2. Add following custom codes. https://prnt.sc/r7cc2r
      .vertical-align-testimonials .mk-flex-slides {
          display: flex;
          align-items: center;

    If it’s not working, you may send your site credentials in a private reply so I can check it here.

    Sam Bean

    Perfect! Thanks so much. Shame that the shortcode does not have a setting to do that or does not do that automatically. It looks so much better.

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team


    You are welcome.

    Feel free to create a new topic if you have any other questions.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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