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  • georgios Foltopoulos

    hi i have a critical issues

    1. all images lost without made any change


    2. in the following website the home page not open https://flegra-palace.com but the other pages open.: https://flegra-palace.com/accommodation/

    3. same here: http://flegra-beach.com/accommodation

    what crazy things happens? i never had before this kind of problems again

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team



    1. For some reason your images use incorrect URL https://take.ms/M7Vzg that’s why the files can’t be found.

    I re-added one image on the home page and it’s shown now https://take.ms/Zl0AJ . Please check. Re-add other images.

    2. I checked the home page and it opened successfully https://take.ms/pNpV9 . Could you please clear your browser cache and check?

    3. The page is working and images are shown on my side https://take.ms/C3xhB . Could you please re-check?


    Thank you.



    georgios Foltopoulos

    i didnt change something so how the images disappeared? also the images when i am login sometimes appears. when i check private browsing no.

    Danish Iqbal

    Hello Georgios,


    I checked the links again and looks like the images are back already. Did you re-add them already?

    Do you require any more help with it?



    georgios Foltopoulos

    yes i added again

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

    I removed the Lazy Load plugin from your site because it is depreciated now and known to cause such issues.


    georgios Foltopoulos

    where was the Lazy Load plugin?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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