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  • Edward Schaefer


    I am using JupiterX for my site innlove.nl

    But in Google Search Console my site is showing its not Mobile friendly.

    Please suggest me what steps I can take to make it purely mobile friendly as my customers are mobile users.

    Please give a cc to [email protected] in your reply.




    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Edward/Ahmed,

    This is the result of your website google mobile friendly test:


    It seems like some of the assets files are not being loaded. I checked with an agent emulator and everything was fine. So the only thing that remains is to check the robots.txt file to make sure it doesn’t disallow google bots. I tried to reach it at https://www.innlove.nl/robotx.txt to check the details but was redirected to your homepage. Then I wanted to enter your admin area, install a file manager plugin to check that file, but the login was not working. It is possible that this file contains some rules that disallow the google bot to crawl the pages and by that, it mistakingly disallows asset files as well. You may check that file, once remove the contents of it and test your website with google mobile friendly test, and see if that helps.

    In case it was not helping, please provide your working admin credentials in a PRIVATE reply so we take a closer look.


    Edward Schaefer

    Hi Mohsin,

    Thank you for your reply.  Please check your link the preview is not correct though it is telling that Site is mobile friendly. We need to sort this issue very soon and also see the below issue >>>

    In Elementor I get the following error >>> jupiterx_wc_product_page_custom_sale_badge not found or invalid function name….

    So far i have investigated that it is an issue with your function file… kindly solve this issue! We are very happy with JupiterX theme. But as we need to start our marketing asap we need to solve these issues quick. And Login details should work fine! We havent changed it… If you are unable to login please let me know, I will make you a temp Admin login.

    With regards


    Edward Schaefer

    in addition to the last query please suggest a proper robot.txt file texts suitable for my site!

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Edward,

    Please check this article:


    It explains how to generate a proper robots.txt file and provides a sample for a WordPress website.

    The elementor error does not have anything to do with your issue.

    In the mobile-friendly test website, the styles and JS files are not loaded, do not pay attention to the final result there. Check the errors, it clearly said the CSS and JS files are not allowed to load.

    Your login still has issues, Please test with what you provided here. Without a working login, it’s impossible to investigate the issue.


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