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    Hi there-

    We installed the Tool Shop template on a stage I was building. I noticed the Filters on the Tool Shop landing page do not work so we created a new stage with ONLY the installed Jupiter X Tool Shop Template, no additional plugins or settings.

    None of the filters work. I tried rolling back to an older version of WooCommerce just in case, that didn’t help either.

    I checked https://crocoblock.com/troubleshooting/articles/jetsmartfilters-not-working-7-things-you-need-to-check/ and am not seeing any problems with the setup from the Template.

    Thanks so much-



    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hello There

    I just added an ID product to the Products Grid here https://take.ms/vN0dh
    Since this was the Query ID provided in the Filters https://take.ms/S8vOb

    All the Filters are working now.



    AH OK – I saw on this page https://crocoblock.com/troubleshooting/articles/jetsmartfilters-not-working-7-things-you-need-to-check/
    <h3 class=”item-5″>Multiple elements on one page. </h3>
    <p class=”offset”>In case there are more than one Listing Grid, several posts, and product grids on a page you want to add the filters to, successful filtering may require an extra effort. We’re talking about assigning filters to the widgets by adding a CSS ID to every content section.</p>

    But didn’t think that applied since there was only 1 Grid. Clear now, thanks!

    You may want to check the Tool Shop template package, the CSS ID wasn’t there.

    Thanks so much!

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

    In the case of only one Listing Grid, the Query ID shouldn’t be entered but it was entered which caused the issue.

    Sure, most welcome 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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