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  • Aron Martinez


    After the latest updates, I am having layout issues on my website https://storiediordinariacucina.it/ or more precisely with the “Related posts” carousel on the single post template (see for example the carousel under “Articoli correlati” on the page https://storiediordinariacucina.it/pesce-spada-in-crosta-di-pistacchi/).

    The encountered issue is as follows: If I enable the “Equal Columns Height” option in the JetElements “Posts” widget, the carousel ignores the setting for the number of columns (3 in my case) and simply displays one horrible and very huge column.

    As a temporary fix, I disabled the setting “Equal Columns Height” but the layout is no longer as desired (with uneven post heights displayed).

    Also, under Elementor > System Info, “JetElements For Elementor” is marked as not compatible with both Elementor and Elementor Pro. (see screenshot here: https://drive.amweb.ch/5zunpmyQ)

    I know that you are not directly responsible for the JetElements plugin, but given that we are using it as a bundled plugin with JupiterX, we do not have any direct support channel for the plugin, so please forward the issue to the developers.

    NB: If you need to access the website for further investigation, I need your IP address to allow you to access the staging website.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    I wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays,


    Nodari Support Team

    Hi Aaron

    Thanks for the detailed information

    At this moment this is what I have on your site, all the related posts are with the same height, did you find the solution? how can I replicate the problem?
    yes, I would like to try it on your website because when I try it on my test site I’m unable to replicate such a problem, I guess it needs exact same environment as you have,

    JetElements – You are absolutely right, we are unable to provide advanced support for the plugin but we cover most of the questions though, when there is a problem we cant deal we redirect them to the JetElements, but first, we need to investigate it

    This is my Ip:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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