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  • Pepijn Niesten


    Suddenly a jetplugin license is needed? These are included in your theme.


    How do we solve this?



    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Pepjin,

    The plugins are bundled with the theme and you can use them without any license. However, their demo templates are not part of it and if you want to use their demo templates, you need to purchase a license from them. That’s how the bundled plugins work in every premium theme.


    Pepijn Niesten

    Hi Mohsin,

    Thanks for your reply. The plugins can’t be updated anymore without a license:


    We do not use their templates.



    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Sorry for an unknown reason I am not able to see the screenshots from prntscr.com domain. It keeps blocking me.

    Regarding the updates, if you have these versions, then all are fine for now:

    Jet Elements 2.5.9
    Jet Blog 2.2.14
    Jet Menu 2.1.3
    Jet Popup 1.5.5
    Jet Tabs 2.1.13
    Jet WooBuilder 1.10.5
    Jet Tricks 1.3.8
    Jet Engine 2.9.4
    Jet SmartFilters 2.3.2

    The thing is, they will not update directly. We need to update them in our plugins repository first and we do that after each release, but we will test them to make sure the updates are safe. The above versions are currently the latest, and soon we will update the plugins list again. Please update them through Jupiter -> Control Panel -> Plugins.


    Pepijn Niesten

    Ok, get it. Previously these plugins could be updated individually i believe. Anyway, glad they will be updated somehow.


    A last question. I see i now only have “Support 1 month left”. For somebody with +/- 25 licenses, it is weird my support is limited or must be paid. And half of the support tickets is a bug report. Unlimited support would be more in place here for loyal customers?



    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi there!

    If you have registered all the licenses under one account and if they are more than 20 you have a VIP badge.

    You can see that on the Right Sidebar here https://themes.artbees.net/dashboard/

    VIP benefits: https://themes.artbees.net/docs/extending-support-subscription/#vip


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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