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    Good morning!

    I have recently installed the theme and I aim to redesining my woocomerce shop I basically aim to have a list product layout instead of the grid one, and also have a a page with category grid .I know I can do this with jetwoobuilder, eventhough I have never used it before but yet when I try to activate it fromt he bundle pachage I get a notice saying to avoid using the plug in and isntead use the themes feautures. does the theme have this options?if they do can you point me where to find documentation? or tell me how?


    Another question , will I be able to show a short mp4 videos as feature image like in the snapshot? I have seen it done specially people who sell digital goods like me  but Im not sure how its been done.


    Please let me know.





    Hey there

    1. the short answer is yes, this is also possible to create a custom single product template by Jupiter X only plugin, no JetWoobuilder is required anymore, these are newly added features and yet we don’t have documentation created.
    These are the steps to create a custom single product page, open Jupite X layout builder and from the SIngle product section create a new template: https://prnt.sc/UZDFz-LLuMTf set it up, use all the necessary widgets for the product page and publish it, after you down this you need to define conditions of that template in the same layout builder: https://prnt.sc/j9AByjraTPhE basically that’s it ūüôā

    2. By default there is no such option in the theme to display video instead of featured image, most probably you need to integrate third-party plugin for this


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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