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  • john tumelty


    something strange happened,

    i installed jUP x, and elementor

    then when i tried to install ellimentor PRO, the site disappeared

    when i logged back in the whole install disapperaed, AND

    now i dont see how to even install JUPX again ..WP dashboard has no options? can you check it ?

    (screen grab of bare WP dashboard enclosed)

    i have art bees API and purchase keys

    john tumelty

    never mind, i was able to figure it out.

    however, i am onto the next problem..


    i cant seem to install ELEMNTOR PRO?

    Elementor is active but when i log into elemntor dashboard moonpassage.com is not shoeing up?

    can you help me ?

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team
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    john tumelty

    hello Moshin, nice to see you on here.

    you’ve helped me so much over the years !

    ok updated it to admin.. for some reason i have elementor showing as installed, but when i log into elementor

    the site is not coming up, so I cant find how to uprade it to ELEMENTOR PRO?



    john tumelty

    never mind.. i figured it out !

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi John,

    It’s a pleasure to see you 🙂

    I couldn’t find the Elementor Pro package installed, you already mentioned that it’s like the website shows blank when you click on the Go Pro link. Since I don’t have the package, I’m afraid I can’t check what is wrong, but I strongly recommend you to make sure to install the Pro version manually like this:


    And in case you are encountering any errors, kindly check it with the Elementor support team. Currently, we don’t have any known issue with Elementor Pro except the one with different priorities in the Display Conditions feature:

    Best regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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