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  • Aikaterini Polyzou

    Hi there, could you please give some information for the best way to make a site made with Jupiter X comply with the WCAG 2.0 AA standard, if this is possible. There is a large scale program for funding of commercial sites compliant to WCAG 2.0 AA and we would not like to change the theme we like best.

    Thank you

    Danish Iqbal

    Hello Aikaterini,


    Unfortunately, the Jupiter theme is not compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA standard yet.

    Making it compatible would certainly require a lot of custom changes. I suggest you contact someone who has a know-how of WCAG 2.0 AA standard.




    Hi Artbees..

    That is very easy to say from your side ..that it is not compliant and that is the way the cookie crumbles.

    It also means the following things:

    1. You do not care about WCAG compliance and people with disabilities, as Artbees UX team.
    2. Jupiter theme is not appropriate for web projects that want to be WCAG compliant.
    3. If someone wants to make the theme WCAG compliant has to pay extra for a developer for each project, when it could be possible for Artbees team to do it once and at least improve fundamental WCAG compliance, like so many other theme do out there.

    I believe it is important to reconsider where you stand with this issue.

    If a developer could do it for a single project …then surely your team could improve the WCAG compliance basis of the theme overall without a problem.

    Would like to hear back from you on this.


    Danish Iqbal

    Hello Vmavrikios,


    I understand your point but as I informed making it WCAG compatible will require a lot of resources including time, effort and finance. Yes, this is something we will be doing but there is no exact timeline on it.

    Doing it on a single website and doing it for the whole theme is a lot different because the theme would require a lot of time to make it compatible with the WCAG. It would require us to check every bit of a theme that is variable while the single site would be static and the developer has to only focus on the things that have been created in the site and not worry about any variation in the future.



    CreativeFuse Support

    +1 for this!

    Nodari Support Team

    Thanks for adding your voice CreativeFuse, this task is already added to our system but so far it does not have any progress, more voice this task gets fasten implementation will be

    Please also note, I saw some of our users used third party solutions to make this theme WCAG compatible


    eHealth88 eHealth88

    +1 for sure!

    Amir Rather Support Team


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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