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  • ian fuller


    I am building a website for users with dementia. The header needs to stay in place at all times, even when scrolling down the page, wihtout changing form at all.


    Is there any way of making my main header (header style 2) sticky?



    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

    Yes, it is, the Sticky Header behavior needs to be Set to Fixed in Theme Options > Header > Sticky Header


    ian fuller


    Thanks, but I have that set already and it isn’t working.  When I scroll down, the header goes to sticky but the logo disappears.  Am I missing something obvious?



    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There,

    Yes, In the Header Style 2 Sticky Header the logo doesn’t show by default,

    The only solution that came into my mind at the moment was using s CSS like this in Jupiter -> Theme Options -> Advanced -> Custom CSS:

    .a-sticky .mk-main-navigation.js-main-nav {
        margin-left: 100px !important;
        position: relative !important;
    .a-sticky #menu-item-80 {margin-right: 500px !important;}
    .a-sticky .mk-main-navigation.js-main-nav:before {
        position: absolute;
        content: '';
        left: -100px;
        top: 5px;
        width: 100px;
        height: 40px;
        display: block;
        background: url('https://address72.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/demntiatip-share-logo.svg') no-repeat;
        background-size: contain;  

    Would you please try it and let me know?

    ian fuller



    It didnt work Im afraid. It placed the logo to the left of the menu and re-formatted the navigation, but I wanted it to replicate the main menu.

    I have created a custom header now using Header Builder instead.



    Amir Rather Support Team

    Yes, that’s exactly what this CSS does,
    Anyway, Header builder is better in this case 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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