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    Hello, our website is: https://ExceedDesigns.com.  I imported the “Jewelry Shop” theme which has a nice left hand icon and full screen menu.  It’s great and would take a fair bit to rebuild it, any way you can help me import it so this is showing?  Did I do anything wrong?

    You can see it here with only a search icon only: https://ExceedDesigns.com.

    Thank you! 🙂

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Could you please send over your administrative WordPress access(in a private reply) so we can check what might be going on in the backend? We’ll need permission to debug this.

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    Also, if you can fix the mobile menu and mobile logo so it looks like the example presented on the theme demo.  And also tell me what was going on.  I can usually figure things out, but this seems weird, or something going on?


    Thank you for your help.

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

    The SVG Icon wasn’t showing for the menu I set it to default one, please check now.



    Ok, perfect!

    Also, for the header, do you know how to make this look smilar to the mobile version of the header seen at: https://jupiterx.artbees.net/jewelry-shop/ when on mobile?


    it’s nice with the logo centered and the menu and search on either side.  Now sure if this is too difficult?


    I am still getting used to this, hopefully I can get it soon!


    Thank you so much again,




    I think I can figure out the mobile header.

    One other larger question:

    How do I change what font is used for H1 and H2 etc?  Thank you 🙂


    Ok, I tried for the past few hours to fix the header on mobile. It’s a mess, I can’t get it to look OK, no matter what I do.  I tried everyting, any chance you could help me just revert the header so it will look like the mobile version seen here: https://jupiterx.artbees.net/jewelry-shop/

    ON mobile, this template is perfect and aligned, but when I see mine, it’s very weird, as if things are not setup in the template correctly.

    Given the icon issue, I feel that the header was not correctly imported or something?  Any ideas?


    I just would love my mobile to be functional.

    Hope you can help! 🙂


    I tried using the method for making the header on mobile here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=270&v=3BiHXi_sSAY&feature=emb_title

    But none of the settings are working.

    It is forcing the mobile menu to be horozontally stacked instead of verticly stacked.


    It is just weird, because in all the youtuve videos showing elementor it shows the colums as actual colums, but when building this header on here, it’s weird stacked rows and I have to do some crazy alignment to compensate for it.  Is that normal?


    Could you send me a screenshot of the settings of how the original theme has this section appearing?

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team



    I see the mobile header is shown fine now https://prnt.sc/1h10tmn ?

    Were you able to fix it?




    Yeah I fixed it… Very weird because I try to make 3 colums and it somehow turns into rows, then I have to do some crazy alignment specs for margin etc to get everything to line up.  Luckily in the end I got it.  Just crazy how you can’t just drag and drop the edges or adjust the width of each header element as columns, but its fine. I got it.

    One other question, I wanted to edit my shop page and change button colors etc for our products and add a header section below the header for the shop page as seen here: https://exceeddesigns.com/?page_id=63 but it looks like I need the full Elementor PRO to do this?  Or am I wrong?

    Furthemore, I wanted to change the word “Add To Basket” to > “Add To Cart”.  Or, I would like to just remove this add to cart button so the user must click the product.  But I can’t see any way to edit this?  Any ideas?

    Thank you.


    Ok, so I see the setting for choosing product presets. I was able to discover this.  But any way to change these presets?  Or build my own product lauout style?  or is this when I would need the Elementor PRO?

    Thank you!

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

    The Jet Woo Builder used on the Product Page is an Elementor add-on https://jetwoobuilder.zemez.io/ and it has different layouts/presets without Elementor Pro.

    Here is its documentation http://documentation.zemez.io/wordpress/index.php?project=jetwoobuilder



    Can you tell me where I can edit the “Add To Basket” text?  I want to change it to “Add To Cart”. Where is the sheet or page to edit this term across the entire website?

    Thank You 🙂


    Also, when I go to Jet Woo Builder documentation, it shows a tab under the “WOOCOMMERCE” tab that says “Jet Woo Templates” but I don’t see anything under this that looks like the screenshot here: http://documentation.zemez.io/wordpress/index.php?project=jetwoobuilder&lang=en&section=jetwoobuilder-single-product-template#


    Where should I find the specific Jet Woo Templates?  The plugin ‘Jet Woo Builder’ is installed.

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

    Here is your Jet Woo Builder Template https://exceeddesigns.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=jet-woo-builder

    For Add to cart I added this JS code in Control Panel > Settings:

    jQuery(" .jet-woo-builder .single_add_to_cart_button").text(function () {
        return jQuery(this).text().replace("Add to basket", "Add to cart");



    You are AMAZING!

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    You too 🙂

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