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  • Gennaro Politelli


    after update to Version 6.9.0, the mini cart doesn’t displayed on cart icon hover.

    My website is https://www.exadv.it/alberti/

    Can you help me please? Many thanks.


    Alexander Hutsol Support Team


    Please take our apologies for the inconveniences.

    This is a known issue and our developers are already fixed it for the next theme update, which will be released soon.

    Thank you for understanding.



    Gennaro Politelli

    Hi, many thanks for the answer.

    After the theme update the site has an additional shopping problem, when I’m in a product page (for example https://www.exadv.it/alberti/prodotto/olio-extravergine-di-oliva-riviera-ligure-riviera-dei-fiori-dop-linea-1986-0-50-0-75-lt/) and click on “add to cart” button”, no loading cursor appears and the page remains blocked for a few seconds before the message “… has been added to your cart.” appears.

    Can you solve this important problem please? Many thanks.



    Nodari Support Team

    Hi Gennaro

    You have 33 active plugins and it’s necessary to troubleshoot them, please deactivate all your third-party plugins (leave only Jupiter plugins and Woocommerce) and try again, if the problem is resolved start activating plugins one at a time until you do not discover problematic plugins. Let me know the results

    One another thing to consider is 11 pending updates, I don’t think this is a problem but updates must be maintained on a regular base


    Gennaro Politelli

    Hi, following your suggestion I found the problem, there was a “Facebook for WordPress” Plugin that was creating a conflict.

    Many thanks.

    I have another problem, why after theme updating my site is so slow?

    This is the website on test platform where i updated the theme https://www.exadv.it/alberti/

    This is the original website (that i’m going to switch off) https://www.olioalberti.it/

    they both have the same plugins installed, but different Jupiter theme update.

    You can see the speed difference.



    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Gennaro,

    I installed and activated the Query Monitor plugin and realized the big time spends to load the translations using WPML plugin. I believe there could be some improvements by WPML if you contact them. However, the big issue here is that you don’t use any caching plugin. If you use a good caching plugin such as WP Rocket, you will get much better results.

    Anyway, I strongly recommend you to use a performance and security audit by experts in services like WPDone:


    They are premium services, but will definitely be worth it.

    Best regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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