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    We have created a new Slide 3 template for an extra carousel slide, following the format of the pre-existing Slides 1 and 2. This was done in the Templates section of WordPress and we then selected the new slide template in the Elementor Carousel.

    We then adjusted the padding/fonts so all slides look good in Elementor and are the same size BUT looking on a phone with a cleared cache the images are massive, so is the text, there’s no padding and the slides are all different sizes too.

    What’s going on? How do I make my slides appear on the frontend, like they do in Elementor?

    See attached screenshots for reference.

    Elementor Editor View of 3 Slides (Shown side-by-side to compare):



    Mobile Phone View of 3 Slides (Shown side-by-side to compare):


    Nodari Support Team

    Hey there

    A similar problem was also reported by other users, Advanced carousel is part of the JetElements and this bug was already reported in their system, as an alternative in this case you may use JetSlider it has pretty much the same functionality but don’t forget to define width and height properties in the slider widget setting.
    Another solution is to use Slider revolution, but it requires more work to design sliders you already have created,



    Thanks – we’ve gone through and rebuilt the slideshow using Slider and got it looking fine in Elementor.

    But we just refreshed the brower tab in which we were viewing Elementor and now all of a sudden Elementor just shows a blank white space where the Slider is, and that blank space is visible on a mobile phone too.

    What has happened now?

    Nodari Support Team

    Hey there

    I just added width and height values for tablet and mobile devices and your problem is fixed now šŸ˜‰ https://prnt.sc/1x1jv1g



    Hi, thanks for your help, that’s great! I see it fine on mobile now.

    I have a second slideshow lower down the page – do you need to add the width/height values for that or can I do it somewhere?

    This second slideshow needs to show the full width of the images on mobile devices though and not crop into them

    Nodari Support Team

    Hi there

    Yes, it also needs width and height values, please add them yourself nut for all mobile devices (tablet, monile) and check again šŸ™‚


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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