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  • Daryl Shaw

    I’m not entirely sure how to do this. I’ve looked at docs and vids for a few days and tried out different things I’ve found, but cannot get this to work.

    ​I’m working with a Calendly.com snippet that places a button or text link on the site and pops up their scheduling tool. I don’t like their button though and want to use Elementor buttons instead of the one they provide. I did some research and will link below. I think what I need is a way to launch this onclick action.
    <p class=”_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM”>I can see this also for changing the intercom chat button or if you just want to use your own buttons.</p>
    <p class=”_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM”>Any help putting the button together would be appreciated!</p>
    <p class=”_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM”>Here’s a doc and the 2 codes I think I need. I took it from the create your own button section

    <code class="_34q3PgLsx9zIU5BiSOjFoM"><!-- Calendly link widget begin -->
    <link href="https://calendly.com/assets/external/widget.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <script src="https://calendly.com/assets/external/widget.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <!-- Calendly link widget end --
    <code class="_34q3PgLsx9zIU5BiSOjFoM">onclick="Calendly.showPopupWidget('YOUR_SCHEDULING_LINK');
    return false;"
    Nodari Support Team

    Hi Daryl

    Your website is not available: https://prnt.sc/1rshsb0 can you please check it?
    Also, I want to know what you have done so far and where exactly on your website. By the way, if they have button and you only want to change the style we can help with that and this is easier method


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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