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  • Limmagine Design

    Hello, we are running into an error on our site.

    We have created several pages where products are filtered by TAG. For example: “in vendita”, “race”, etc.

    The site on these pages dynamically loads only some of these cars, for example on the page https://www.gruppopromotor.com/race-rally/ it loads only those with the “race” TAG. The problem is that when the user wants to use the filters by category, the page completely ignores the tag by entering all the vehicles.

    We want the tag to always remain fixed and filters can be used on this. How can we solve?

    Thank you.

    Nodari Support Team

    Hi there

    Not sure if I clearly understand your problem, let me ask a question.
    So, user open this page: https://www.gruppopromotor.com/race-rally/ and use filters on the page you want to show only categories that match with the tag? if this is the problem then im afraid this is not possible, Post widget filters portfolios by category and url of the page is not the case here,
    PLease correct me if im wrong


    Limmagine Design

    No, you don’t understand my problem.

    I have created pages that select only a few articles. These articles are selected with TAGs.
    I have also activated the filter function by category, but every time I select a filter other than “All”, all the vehicles are shown without considering the TAG set.

    I give an example. If one goes to the page https://www.gruppopromotor.com/race-rally/ he will only see 3 cars. However, if you click on the filter inside the page (for example “Jaguar”), the selection by TAG is ignored showing all the cars.

    This is wrong.

    The page must show the cars selected by tags and I must be able to filter them by category.

    Nodari Support Team


    “if you click on the filter inside the page (for example “Jaguar”), the selection by TAG is ignored showing all the cars.” – Thank you, I understand, you want to show all vehicles under the Race tag but from different category right? Sorry, may I know how you do you filter portfolios by tag on that page?

    Thanks in advance

    Limmagine Design

    Yes, right!

    in reality when I had set the content there was the possibility to filter the articles based on the tag. I have seen that with the latest update this possibility has been removed but still it continues to work. Is it possible to restore the plugin to the previous version? It worked perfectly with Jupiter X Core 1.21

    Regards, Luca

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team

    Hello Luca,

    You can rollback the core plugin version in Jupiter X > Control Panel > Tools > Version Control as shown on the screenshot


    Let us know if our further assistance is needed.



    Limmagine Design

    Good morning,
    the TAG selection field does not reappear, yet you told me you solved this in this ticket: https://themes.artbees.net/forums/topic/portfolio-filter-problem/

    But the problem remains another: if I use the filters by category the page continues to ignore the tag selection. I need to fix this functionality. They must work together.

    Regards, Luca

    Nodari Support Team

    Hi Luca

    It’s not the Jupiter X core plugin but the Elementor latest version that triggered this problem, it was working in version 3.3.1 but not in the current version, https://themes.artbees.net/forums/topic/portfolio-filter-problem/#post-131208 Is it ok for you to downgrade Elementor to this version?

    Sorry for inconvenience

    Limmagine Design

    Hi, yes You can Reinstall It.

    One question: will Elementor ever be upgradeable? I don’t want system vulnerability issues.

    Does this update also fix my category filter issue based on tags or do you need to fix this?


    Nodari Support Team

    Hi Luca

    I tried it downgrading the Elementor plugin to version 3.1.1 will cause other side effects, plus, you also have Elementor pro and it may also not function normally.
    Luca, I still recommend you to try JetEngine listing or check if ELementor pro has this feature to build advanced filters by tag and category, I can help you to create it.

    Fix for the category and tag will be released in this month, most probably in the second half

    Let me know how can I assist you

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