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  • Ivan

    I read the Translating Raven section at https://themes.artbees.net/docs/translating-the-theme/

    My Chrome browser is in spanish and all “required” inputs in forms show the correct message in spanish.

    However with Raven the default messages are overridden at frontend.js > function onInvalidRavenFormField(event). Thus, I end up having error messages in english.

    I believe these simple error messages, like required fields, should be left to the browser to handle them.

    Since you use a POT file (raven.pot) for translations, do you have a way to share and download the plugin translations among Artbees customers?
    It would be better to provide these files rather than make every Artbees customer to translate themselves the plugin.
    Even translating the most commonly used texts will be a plus, it is not necessary to translate all the texts in the POT file.


    Regarding the translation file, I already did 94 translations for es_ES in case you want it.

    So far I translated the texts I’m finding while designing a site. The “Home” in the Breadcrumbs gave me a hard time since it is also present in the theme POT and I thought the theme was not loading that translation. I tried everything until I found the example sentence in the docs mentioning “Home” as part of Raven. So much time wasted.

    That is why I once again encourage you to include translation files for Raven, even a subset of common strings would help your customers.

    Tatyana Hutsol Support Team



    I have reported your query to the developers team. They will discuss it and I hope it will be included in one of the future updates as your idea is really valuable.


    Thank you.

    Best regards.


    Thanks Tatyana.

    I attached the translation files I did so far for es_ES, maybe by helping here I get some Artbees perks hehe 🙂

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team

    Hello Ivan,

    Thank you for your collaboration. We appreciate it very much!

    We will review your translation files and in case the translation is fine we will add it to the Raven and will include your name in the file as contributor.

    Also, we increased your support subscription for one more year as appreciation for your help 🙂




    Hi Alexander, thank you very much! 👏👏👏

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team


    You are welcome 🙂

    Feel free to contact us if our assistance is needed.


    Edwynn Flores Martínez

    I try this but it is not working, I use the ultimate version of Jupiter X.

    I have changed this line of code plugin raven/includes/modules/forms/module.php

    Go to line 127 and change it

    ‘required’ => __( ‘Please fill in this field’, ‘raven’ ),

    In my case

    ‘required’ => __( ‘Llenar este campo’, ‘raven’ ),

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team

    Hello Edwynn Flores Martínez,

    Thank you for sharing your solution.


    Feel free to create a new topic if you have any other question.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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